Exercise at Your Desk, Keeping Fit at The Office

Exercise at Your Desk, Keeping Fit at The Office

Exercise at Your Desk, Keeping Fit at The Office

You’re most probably spending long hours at work hence the excuse “there’s no time to exercise”. If there’s one thing that keeps a doctor away it’s exercise. (Apart from apples and red wine!!) Typical office employees spend on average about 9.5 hours a day sitting. Whilst in comparison we’re getting 7.5 hours of sleep on average. All that sitting is most probably making you fat.

Many companies are nowadays looking to provide their employees with a solution for these. Some companies who have an office in Malta have incorporated a gym section within their offices. Others have sought an office in the vicinity of a gym. Other companies prefer paying for their employees well being. This is because such companies have realized the immense benefits of having healthy employees. Exercise at Your Desk, Keeping Fit at The Office

Being physically active on a regular basis helps prevent and manage a wide range of health problems. Such as astroke, type 2 diabetes, depression etc. The obvious side effect which majorly effects the work-health balance is one’s mood. Getting your employee’s moving and in a healthy habitat will create a more creative and productive team force. For example some companies tend to provide a healthy breakfast in the morning or healthy snacks such as fruit during the day. This prevents the employee’s from binging on the junk food.

The tactic to win this situation is to try incorporating small bits of exercise throughout your busy workday. Giving these tips to your employees will surely be of benefit for them and you. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Make your commute a workout
    Living close or far to your office doesn’t change the fact that here is a good possibility to increase some of your daily exercise. Try speed walking, cycling or jogging to work.
  2. Work out during lunch
    If your office has a gym or is close to one, than it’s a no brainer. If not perhaps you can go out and get a 30 min speed walk.
  3. Active breaks throughout the day
    Walk around the building, use the stairs etc
  4. Walk and Talk
    Simple right?! When on the phone, walk. It’s that simple.
  5. Speed walk your errands
    An easy way to make movement a natural part of your day. A lot of errand will be transformed into a good workout by itself.
  6. Take a longer route
    For example taking stairs instead of lifts. Perhaps parking further away will add those extra 5 minutes into your daily routine. Go to the bathrooms which is furthest away from your desk.
  7. Stretch
    So many to choose from and you can mix them up as you please over the day. Examples such as torso twists, leg extensions, shrugging your shoulders, stretching wrists, reach for the stars, look around, bobblehead, chest opener, reach and bend, knee press etc…

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