Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about buying, selling, and renting office space in Malta. Requirements aims to give you some further insight on the most important factors to consider when planning a relocating office in Malta.

I have Space

The quickest way to post your rental is directly online in our add new property page, Add New Property. Set up an account and follow the instructions to post your rental. Our staff will approve and improve your listing during our normal business hours. Otherwise feel free to contact us for a quick consultation.

We base our success on organised information and with good photo representation of the office space maximizing its potential on the rental market in Malta. We have connections with tenants looking for office space as well as we have the google rankings to gather most of the clients searching online.

If you need to rent out your office space in a short period of time, the easiest way to do this is to make sure that:

a) the price is right
b) the place is clean for viewings
c) the place is finished to modern standards
d) high quality photos
e) provide us with a property plan

Terms and conditions of every contract are unique in the sense that each property has a different scenario. The ideal and standard scenario for an office space of size 100sqm+ you can expect a 5 year contract with the first 2 years being di fermo period and the later 3 years di rispetto period with notice periods of 3 to 6 months. For small office space this will usually be a 2 year contract with the first 1 year being di fermo and the second year being di rispetto with notice period of 3 months.

Serviced offices offer a number of benefits over normal offices including:-

  • Flexible easy in-easy out licences allowing you to move offices as your business requirements change
  • Inclusive rents providing excellent value for money
  • No hidden extras
  • Wifi included
  • Free telephony
  • Reduced repairing and maintenance bills
  • Use of secretary
  • Use of shared boardroom
  • Use of kitchen and bathroom area is shared by different tenants

Officespace.rent charges:

  • Lessee: 10% of the first years total rent + 18% VAT . Applicable upon signing of an agreement, one time fee and non-refundable.
  • Lessor: 10% of the first years total rent + 18% VAT . Applicable upon signing of an agreement, one time fee and non-refundable.

Officespace.rent charges:

  • Sale of property under sole agency agreement:
    • 3.5% sale value + 18% VAT 
  • Sale of property not under sole agency agreement:
    • 5% sale value + 18% VAT

We aim to provide the most accurate, most recent and most recently available listings at the top of search results to give the best possible results to our searching tenants. In order to maintain your high ranked visibility, please keep your listing up to date.

If your listing is up to date and you’d like a push with extra promotion, please reach out to help@officespace.rent. We have more options at hand.

When you’ve successfully filled your space, we can amend your office availability and set the office on ‘Enquire’ mode so that people can still view your listing and save it for later.

I Need Space

We’re a group of experienced commercial brokers extremely passionate about creating an incredible experience around finding and building work environments. We come highly recommended due to our professionalism and work ethics. Unlike the traditional way of finding office space, OfficeSpace.rent is an online marketplace to match those looking to rent office space with those who have it. Simple.

For a general office space in Malta, we calculate on average 10sqm per employee, 25sqm per meeting/boardroom, 30-40sqm of common areas. We have created an office space calculator to make life simpler. You can make use of our easy online office calculator.

We spend most of our days working in our office. Choosing the correct office is imperative for any company. The most critical aspects of filtering for an office space would be:

  1. Where are your employees living?
  2. Do you need parking spots?
  3. What can I get with my budget?
  4. Is there enough natural light?
  5. Is the office flexible to help me grow in a years time?
  6. Does it reflect the culture of the company?
  7. Good internet connection?

This is a critical office space requirement to be considered when determining your next big move An organisation’s location may be used to gain strategic advantages like lower costs and premium exposure. One may also want to think about less commuting time for workers and parking requirements. Location is also dependent on specific industries. Sliema, St Julians and nearby towns are notorious for the biggest iGaming and Insurance companies in Malta. Valletta leads the market on legal firm establishments whilst Mriehel is quickly catching up on the Financial sector mostly due to the presence of the Malta Financial Authority. Central locations such as Swatar, Naxxar, Mosta, Birkirkara, Hal Qormi and Zebbug can act as a buffer to find cheaper office spaces if location is not that important.parts of Malta. When selecting location, make sure that you choose a location that is in line with your corporate strategy.

We love to build long lasting relationships with our customers. We can offer good discounts on office furniture from leading office furniture companies. We will also offer advantageous discounts on any consequent rentals in the years proceeding your first office rental with us. We do keep a log of our clients so if you need to expand in a years time, do get in touch and we can offer good discount on the services fee.

Officespace.rent charges:

  • Lessee: 10% of the first years total rent + 18% VAT . Applicable upon signing of an agreement, one time fee and non-refundable.
  • Lessor: 10% of the first years total rent + 18% VAT . Applicable upon signing of an agreement, one time fee and non-refundable.

The service fee for sales is usually covered by the owner of the property.

When planning to move into a new office, the entry date is also a crucial element of the office space requirements that will have to be determined and agreed upon with the landlord. At times, spaces may not be available until a certain date, and at other times, a space may not be needed before a specific date. In addition, lease duration is also a matter of discussion with the landlord. Some offices will not accept leases for less than 1 year, whilst others may not accept proposals for less than 3 years.

For small offices (1-4 work-spaces) the normal rent period would be a one year di fermo period with optional 4 years di rispetto. Break clause only in the last 4 years di rispetto usually a 3 month notice period.

For larger office spaces (5+ work-spaces) the normal rent period would be a two year di fermo period with optional 3 years di rispetto. Break clause only in the last 3 years di rispetto usually a 3-6 month notice period.

These may vary from one landlord to another.

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