Generation Z Employees in your Office?

  • 4 years ago
Generation Z Employees in your Office?

Generation Z Employees in your Office?

Generation Z Common Traits

  1. Engaging & Communication
    Differs from all other most noticeably by the way they communicate. Being born in the advanced digital age of social media, they prefer instant messaging and snap-chat. They preferring texting rather then emailing so it’s best to recognize these traits from the start and ideally meet them halfway. Be prepared to embrace their methods whilst mixing in your own methods.
  2. Skillsets
    Has a better understanding of technology then the previous generations. They are armed with new skillsets such as social media and coding. hence, be prepared and open to learning from their new ways and methods and how you can use them to update your business.
  3. Motivation
    Keeping this generation engaged in your business is not easy since they want to succeed. It’s important to match them up with the right job. This way you ensure success for your company and your employee. This age group need to see and recognize that their work actually brings value. It’s important to get them involved in projects at an early stage and to mix them up with other generations. This way you can ensure that they can learn from each other and encourage growth
  4. Office Environment
    A multitude of options. They will know if your office is a boring and un-creative space so make sure to pimp it up. They know that with the demand for their skill-sets they can get into offices which provide gym membership, quite zones, comfy breakout spaces. Also they prefer companies who provide breakfast foods or Friday beers in a chill environment where they can engage and socialise. You need to develop a work and office space where one can feel he belongs to. Moreover the location can be also an inspirational choice such as a for in the case of a seafront office space in Sliema or letting a residential units nearby.


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