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Ta Xbiex Office Space

Ta Xbiex Office Space is one of the most highly requested mostly due to the location and ease of access. Just a small town located on the eastern coast of Malta, a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea.


It is situated between the capital city of Valletta and the popular tourist destination of Sliema as well as neighboring villages of Gzira and Msida. The town has a population of around 1,700 people and also covers an area of just under one square kilometer. It is primarily a residential area and is known for its affluent residents, many of whom own luxurious yachts and boats which are moored in the town’s harbor.

Ta’ Xbiex has a number of amenities, including a small supermarket, several restaurants and cafes, a pharmacy, and a post office. Also home to the Embassy of the United States of America in Malta. In terms of tourism, Ta’ Xbiex is not one of the main destinations in Malta moreover it is a popular spot for boating and water sports enthusiasts, and there are a number of boat rental companies and water sports centers in the area. Hence its the ideal spot for companies to also be able to organise company events and team building activities to bolster their work life attitude within the company. Overall, Ta’ Xbiex is a charming and picturesque town, with a laid-back Mediterranean vibe and easy access to the rest of Malta’s attractions.

Some landmark locations within this seaside town would be the two large Marina’s home to a large fleet of sailing boats, Whitehall Mansions Offices, ST Tower Business Centre as well as nearby vicinity also to Wembley Buisness Centre which is located on the border of Ta Xbiex with Msida.

Types of Offices

There are a variety of office spaces available in Ta’ Xbiex, Malta, depending on your needs and budget. Some options include:

  1. Business centers: There are several business centers in Ta’ Xbiex that offer fully equipped and furnished office spaces for rent, with amenities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and administrative support.
  2. Serviced Office spaces: Serviced spaces are a popular option for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. They offer flexible workspaces and often include shared amenities such as kitchen facilities, meeting rooms, and networking events.
  3. Traditional office spaces: There are also more traditional office spaces available for rent in Ta’ Xbiex, ranging from small individual offices to larger suites, most of which are listed on our books.
  4. Seafront Office Villas: These are quite a challenge to find but make up a really prestigious space for a headquarters of any company looking to impress or to have some character incorporated in the office itself.

Prices for office space in Ta’ Xbiex vary depending on factors such as location, size, and amenities, but generally range from around €190-400/sqm/annum depending on the finish, building and location of the office.

What to expect

This will vary quite considerably from one office building to another. One can choose the more affordable of options or the highest end of finished. The more affordable spaces would be of a basic finish with tiling, white painted walls, lighting as well as air conditioning and would generally require some upgrades to be done by new tenants.

Whereas the Highest end of finishes would be a space in a modern buisness centre in Ta Xbiex. The basic offering within a high end building would be double glazed apertures, CAT 5/6 network cabling, raised flooring or modern tiling. Furthermore, HVAC air conditioning as well as fresh air systems all throughout the premises with energy efficient lighting. Extra amenities also include back up generator connection, reception and security services manning the building 8am to 6pm or 24/7. In-house parking options as well as dedicated management housing the block.

Relocating to Ta’ Xbiex

Determining whether Ta’ Xbiex is an ideal location for your business depends on a variety of factors, including the nature of your business, your target market, and your specific needs and preferences.

Some potential advantages of doing business in Ta’ Xbiex include:

  1. Proximity to other business centers: Ta’ Xbiex is located near Valletta, Sliema, and other commercial areas, making it easy to access a wide range of potential clients or partners.

  2. Access to amenities: The town has a number of amenities that can be useful for businesses, such as banks, post offices, and supermarkets.

  3. Strong transportation links: Ta’ Xbiex is well-connected to other areas of Malta via public transport, including buses and ferries. It is also close to Malta International Airport.

  4. Competitive rental prices: While rental prices in Ta’ Xbiex can vary, they are generally more affordable than in some of the more central or popular commercial areas of Malta.

On the other hand, potential drawbacks of doing business in Ta’ Xbiex include:

  1. Limited space: Ta’ Xbiex is a small town, so office space options may be limited depending on your needs.

  2. Limited foot traffic: Ta’ Xbiex is primarily a residential area, so there may not be as much foot traffic or potential customers compared to other areas.

  3. Limited parking: Parking can be difficult in some sections of Ta’ Xbiex, particularly during peak hours. However there are 2 spacious street level parking lots just opposite the Marina’s which cater for most of the parking needs for the workforce in the area.

Ultimately, whether Ta’ Xbiex is an ideal location for your business will depend on a variety of factors, including your specific needs and preferences. It may be worth exploring the area further and assessing whether it would be a good fit for your business.

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