Office Plants Science Backed Benefits

Office Plants Science-Backed Benefits

Office Plants Science-Backed Benefits

One of the most discussed styles in the office designers world is the way one can incorporate office plants within an office building. Life at the office is usually quite busy and totally shutting off after 5pm and during weekends. Plants can transform your office space into a more peaceful, tranquil and engaging place.

Office Plants Science-Backed BenefitsHow? Many scientific studies have shown that having more greenery within your office increases productivity and well being. As a human species, we have an innate desire to connect with nature. This is called as biophilia. Now, most of our offices are mostly stripped away from any connection with the natural environment. Adding some simple greenery such as plants will have major positive benefits for the company and its employees. Here are some reasons why you should invest in this study:

Air Purification

Plants are quite straightforward, they absorbs gasses we don’t need such as carbon dioxide, combining it with water and light they produce energy. This is the phenomenon of photosynthesis. It was also discovered later on that some plants more than others are adept at removing other chemicals such as benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde from air. Hence making it cleaner for us humans to breathe. In-door plants can help to reduce CO2 levels by around 10% in air conditioned spaces whilst around 25% in spaces without an ac.

Noise Diffuses

Well positioned larger pot plants can assist any workspace by absorbing sounds. This helps reduce the distracting effects of background office chatter. Positioning is key, plan for multiple locations in the edges and corners of a room.

Creativity Boosters

Need to tap into your employee’s creative resources? Think no more! Offices which include natural elements such as plants score 15% higher for creativity than those who don’t implement natural elements in the workspace.  The science is quite simple, looking at nature will shift the brain into a different mode of processing. Obviously with the extra benefits of helping them be more relaxed this will increase concentration spans.

Stress Reducers

By studying nature and incorporating psychology tests it can be found that the colour green has relaxing and calming effects. To top it off, studies in 2010 by the new University of Technology in sydney found that this is true. After testing this out on some office employees, they noted that when plants were introduced in a workspace this resulted in a 37% fall in anxiety/tensions, 58% drop in depression, 44% decrease in hostility and 38% reduction in fatigue. Numbers which only help prove the point that you need more plants in your office!

Productivity Assistants

Working in an environment where there’s something to get you psychologically motivated will result in a happier and better working environments. To improve productivity plan the each person can see a plant from their seating position or their desk area. Would not necessarily require to be in the main line of sight but even at the side it will kick the subconscious mind into productivity.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a sunny office or you’re stuck in a dark corner cubicle, different plants will still thrive and you can do so as well!

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