Trident Park Offices

Trident Park Offices

Trident Park Offices

Trident Park Offices is a leading office complex in the up and coming Central Business District in Mriehel. An iconic Prestigious Offices in Malta centre with a spectacular 200metre long frontage. This development definitely sets a new standard for offices in Malta. The complex consists of seven low-rise buildings and extensive landscaped courtyard gardens. More precisely, six tranquil courtyards inspired by the Maltese traditional walled gardens are nested in between these office blocks creating a sense of sense. All the offices in this development enjoy splendid natural lighting overlooking luscious green courtyards with trees.Trident Park Offices

The original art-deco heritage façade has been retained giving maximum character and features to this renovated complex. Each part of this development is provided with modern facilities and spacious spaces from were to operate. Furthermore flanked by the iconic Farsons Brew-house one is able to enjoy a mixed use development giving much more. Moreover a scenario which provides space for many amenities such as an on site gymnasiums as well as clinics and child care centers. Furthermore a selection of diners and cafeterias within a food court as well as use of shared facilities and lounge areas.

Trident park, an office block which saw the conversion of the old bottling factory into a modern office complex. Housing over 15,000 sqm of offices and including conference facilities and a separate ‘above-ground’ car parking spaces. Car park which caters for circa 700 cars and which is connected to the offices via walkways. Furthermore this project has been build with state-of-the-art environmental technologies incorporated through a BREEAM Certification.

All internal spaces containing brewing machinery and equipment of special industrial heritage have all been retained within the premises. Hence providing a thematic backdrop throughout the development. Also the existing brewery ‘Coppers’ are of particular interest since they also form a centerpiece to the Visitor’s Experience. Strategically located in an accessible arterial road. With good access to the airport, seaport and other landmarks all within approximately 15 minutes away by car.

Trident Park Offices More Info

  • Range of different options from 110 and up to 2000sqm
  • Controlled access parking
  • Convenient access and walkways
  • Food and beverage outlets, gym and other amenities
  • Reception services
  • Landscaped courtyards and gardens
  • Top of the range architecture engineering
  • Panoramic lifts serving all offices
  • Robust high quality finishes and lighting
  • Low energy green building with BREEAM certification
  • Dedicated fresh air handling units with leading energy recovery
  • Unique open campus model
  • Fire alarm system covering
  • CCTV monitioring
  • Effective waste management systems

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