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Office Space Design Malta To Work For You. Can the color of your office walls affect your productivity? Does desk placement matter? Or, do the things placed on your desk define you as a worker?

Your workspace, and the way you decorate and organize it, can affect the way you work and the way your workmates perceive you—whether you like it or not. That may seem a bit unfair, but research shows that how you personalize your space has a direct effect on your mood as well as your productivity. Employees who have control over their workspace are happier, healthier and, ultimately, more productive.

Tip #1 : Home Sweet Home

Most of the day is spent at the office, and so, you want a workspace which inspires and with which you can identify. To that end, think about how your home is decorated and bring those design elements– mid-century modern, say, or art deco — into your office. Check this designer office Malta and its office space design in Sliema.

Tip #2 : Colours

If you can redecorate the colours of your office space use sky or robin’s egg blue,  a hue that helps workers stay productive and relaxed throughout the day. One downfall though is that those engaged in repetitive tasks may find the color too soothing to stay focused. Though colours such as red and orange can be over-stimulating day in and day out. They do evoke feelings of energy and creativity. For the best of both worlds, add pops of orange, terra cotta or red around your workspace. Have a look at these serviced offices in Malta.

Tip #3 : Green Fingers

Get a plant or ensure that you have some sort of view of nature, even if it is a photograph! According to studies, people who have a view of green spaces tend to be more productive and creative in their work. Here is an example of a seafront office in Ta Xbiex which uses this typology of offices with nature.

Tip #4: Natural Light

If anything can tire a person at work, its bright white light. So an ideal office should have plenty of natural light and no need for light bulbs for a long period of time. Research shows that people who work with natural light are less susceptible to stress and the dreaded mid-afternoon slump furthermore report higher levels of well-being. If the office does not have plenty of natural light than consider blue light that simulates the sun and help keep us productive and alert. Install light bulbs designed to produce the blue light for your work-space, and you’ll be happier and more productive. These Msida Offices are a perfect example of an office with good natural lighting.

These are some tips with which you can boost an office space design and are also eye openers for what to look for in a new office. Look for something with plenty of natural light. Something which describes you and your brand, something with which employees and clients can identify with. We at OfficeSpace.Rent can help you find the ideal office for your needs.


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