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Attard Office Space

Rent office space in Attard. This is a quaint residential village which is in the Central Region of Malta. Together with Balzan and Lija it forms part of “the Three Villages” and has been inhabited since the Classical Period. It has a population of 10,650 as of March 2014. It is abundant with public gardens, including ornamental trees and flowers, maintained by the Local Council. The inhabitants are known as saraċini. Attard office space.

In this village one can find many commercial spaces which include offices. In general one will find offices which vary from size between 10sqm up to 200sqm at a very good rate indeed. Usually occupied by Maltese companies looking for affordable offices in Malta. Since this village is centrally located and well connected this makes it easily accesible for clients and employees. Apart from that one can enjoy the use of the many convenience stores and cafeterias in the area.

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