Penthouse Office Mosta To Let Penthouse Office Mosta To Let Penthouse Office Mosta To Let Penthouse Office Mosta To Let Penthouse Office Mosta To Let Serviced Offices In Converted Town House Mosta Penthouse Office Mosta To Let Penthouse Office Mosta To Let
  • Property ID
  • 5917
  • Locality
  • Mosta
  • Size
  • 143 m²
  • Rent/m²/year
  • €168 ext vat
  • Monthly Rent
  • €2,000 ext vat
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Penthouse Office Mosta To Let

Centrally Located, Mosta
  • €2,000

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Penthouse Office Mosta To Let

Penthouse Office Mosta To Let. The offices form part of a designer finished, converted town house located within the commercial hub of Mosta. The offices are serviced by a common reception/waiting area directly accessible from the main road. The common reception/waiting area has marquee marble flooring, gilded paneled doors, original classical moldings and carvings as well as decorative arches resting on classical columns.

The first floor is reached through a sweeping, wide, winding staircase. All original features are maintained, whilst furnishings are generally either original antiques or modern designer pieces. Modern chandeliers and light fittings, light the area; whilst an antique chandelier adorns the entrance. The original texture and built up fabric is faithfully restored in order to project the architectural wealth of the premises. Oil Paintings adorn all common areas.
The offices which are available for rent are located within the new addition made to the premises. These new additions to the house are treated in a modernist, minimalist designer finish and are accessed from the reception area via a corridor leading onto a common stairwell, lift-shaft area and common covered landscaped yard.

Serviced Offices In Converted Town House Mosta

The vertical core links the various offices. The common staircase is made of marble and steel, all railings are in stainless steel, as is the finish of the lift cabin – the lift is of the machine-room-less traction type and is manufactured by Schindler. A fountain can be considered to be the central feature of the landscaped common yard, which can be viewed from all levels. It is important to stress that the entrance from the street into the premises is accessible to mobility impaired persons; and such persons can access the whole of the building using the lift which vertically links the whole premises. KNPD standards were respected when finishing the building – especially when considering the toilet areas and the common areas.

Common toilet facilities can be found at ground floor; whilst the fourth floor offices are also serviced by common bathroom facilities. Both at ground and fourth floor levels bathroom facilities consist of two separate toilets each. A fully KNPD compliant bathroom can be found at both ground and at the fourth level. Whilst all chinaware in the dedicated bathrooms is made to KNPD standards, modern teak wooden tables supporting stand alone sinks, marble cladding, floor to ceiling mirrors and patterned designer tiles are the standard décor of all the bathroom areas. The third floor which is already leased is serviced by separate bathroom facilities.

The block is serviced through a central computer room which is accessed by a Telephone Provider service box supporting more than fifty separate lines. The whole building is linked and each office can be separately and independently linked to the other. Each room has its own computer and telephone hub which in turn is centrally
linked to the main hub. Furthermore all offices are separately metered for electricity. The building is designed to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. All light fittings are designer fittings and generally use LED lights, PL lights and energy saving neon tubes. All windows and apertures are double glazed using insulated frames and
argon gas filled double glazing. The building is serviced by a large water reservoir and second class as well as first class water systems can be found throughout the building. Insulated and/or double slab roof type of construction typify all roof areas.

The design of the building is such so as to maximize on natural air circulation through the common vertical core areas making use of convection currents – this facilitates the natural cooling of the building. The choice of lift was made not only on durability, but also based on the principle of very low electricity consumption rates. The building is serviced by three-phase electricity supply, a is made ready if a direct link to the sub-station is required by prospective tenants (this would obviously have to be paid for separately and done in agreement with the owners of the property).
All offices are accessed through security keyed, designer finished, modern designed, paneled timber doors complete with falling hinges. Each computer position consists of:

  • two power and two computer sockets; whilst
  • our telephone/computer inter-changeable sockets are linked to the
    independent network hub of each office.Serviced Offices In Converted Town House Mosta

All offices are wired supporting various seating arrangements. The afore mentioned network hubs are in turn linked to the main computer room which enables all possible combinations vis-à-vis connecting the independent offices. All offices are air-conditioned; while a number support picture walls.

As indicated in the adjoining plans and photos various sized offices are still available for rent. A combination of office spaces can therefore be considered. Note that the areas indicated are NOT inclusive of common areas and common bathroom facilities which if added together amount to 164 square meters. Prospective clients are welcome to choose any combination of offices listed below:

  • Office 1 – 15sqm, Ground floor – €220/month
  • Office 2 – 40sqm, Level 2, Air conditioned, parquet – €500/month (Rented)
  • Office 3 – 36sqm, Level 2, Air-conditioned, Sink/kitchenette connections – €400/month
  • Office 4 – 36sqm, Level 4, Air-conditioned, Sink/kitchenette connections ready – €400/month (RENTED)
  • Office 5 – 143sqm, Level 4, Own bathrooms, kitchenette, private terrace – €2000/month

Rent prices are exclusive of VAT and utility consumption. Maintenance of all common areas, as well as utility bills for these locations will be shared on a floor area ratio basis. It is important to note that the prices quoted are for the offices indicated if taken on a minimum three year lease. The fee for the first year will be paid in full; whilst prices are revisable on a three year basis if leases for longer duration are agreed to.

Further financial arrangement scenario’s will be explored; if so desired. Lessor would be more than ready to fine tune and negotiate further rent prices depending on the period of contract envisaged to be entered into as well as the areas leased.

Energy Performance Certificate: N/A

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